A Pay-What-You-Can
Community Restaurant

The Quiltmaker Café will be a nonprofit, fast-casual restaurant, offering tasty meals and Free Will pricing to guests.  Our mission is to provide community and healthy meals to all people, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Quiltmaker Café is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  



We are planning to open in the Pittsboro area of Chatham County.  Exact location COMING SOON!



Stitching a Pattern of Community
and Good Food







How Does "Free Will" Pricing Work?

Each guest sets their own price for their meal. To assist paying guests’ understanding of a fair donation, a “Transparency Board” will be displayed listing average daily cafe costs. Some options of payment can include: 

1. A Monetary Donation.  Guests can base their donation on the idea of "paying it forward", average cafe costs, or pay what they are able.
2. Donate Produce.  Eggs, herbs, vegetables from your own garden.
3. Donate Time.  Volunteers will be as value to the cafe as income. Volunteers offer a chance to foster community by working side-by-side with staff and other community members. 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @quiltmakercafe

To learn more about us and to watch our progress as we connect with local farmers, volunteers and community members

Volunteers WANTED!

Check back soon to find volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule and fill your heart!

Volunteers at our first official event
Volunteers at our first official event in February!
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